Swaffham Bulbeck

Church of England Primary School

The school prides itself on its strong and varied links with the local community. Care and concern for the local environment, people and places are embedded in the life of the school.


One of the main sources of linkage is via the monthly village magazine, the Bulbeck Beacon, which all households receive free of charge. Joint events are both advertised here and reported on afterwards.

Examples include the annual village Summer Fair which raises funds for both the church and the school, the Easter Fun Day (with a ‘Bake Off’ competition) on the Denny and the school’s bonfire and fireworks party.

Also, in every Beacon issue is a summary of the school’s news which informs the local community of the special activities that have occurred during the previous month and how the funds raised have been spent.


 ‘Funds raised during last year were used to pay for the major renovation and redecoration of our school library, as well as for the replacement of our aging computers with a new set of Chromebooks. This was the largest project we have undertaken as a school since we built the music room in 2013, and it has transformed our school environment. The PTA has identified the school hall as being a possible focus for our next big project, looking to support its use asthe village hall as well as being the heart of the school where everyone gathers together’.


Links with the Parish Council are strong and can be illustrated by the involvement of the children in designing a new look for the facilities on our village green (the Denny),the development of a wooded area now open to the public and the annual joint Remembrance Day service held at the village War Memorial.

A report of school life is always given at the AGM of the Parish Council. (www.swaffhambulbeckpc.org.uk)This also provides a link to the Bulbeck Beacon.


In addition to this, the school now has a Governor on the Village Plan Working Group looking at the future planning of the village.


Red2Green is passionate about people with disabilities playing a full and active role in their local community.  Through the Cogs2Computers project, participants from Red2Green, community schools and community members will have the opportunity to integrate, understand each other’s strengths and support one another through learning and fun with the history of computers and technology.
Here you can find the link to the Cogs2Computers web page.

Harvey's Barn
Park End
Swaffham Bulbeck
CB25 0NA


Last term the children enjoyed a number of activities, as part of the Cogs2Computers project. They learned about the history of computing, created collages, gave and followed instructions to build lego models, made and used a paper version of the slide rule and lots more! We also took part in 'Technology Week', where the children (and the learners at Red2Green) were involved in fun, interactive music sessions - delivered (virtually) by an amazing member of staff from the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge! There were also quizzes, and practical games with a computer programming theme. Presentations were given by both groups, to show what they had all learned and produced. 

IMG 4199


IMG 4191


We are excited to continue working with the project this term! So watch this space!