All parents and staff automatically belong to the PSA, whose aim is to foster co-operation between home, the School and the community at large.  Ever since its inception in 1966 the PSA has followed a tradition of being active, hard-working and caring.  Their fund-raising efforts have paid for many things including play equipment, computers, video and audio equipment, books and musical instruments to name but a few.  Whilst being of great importance, fund-raising is not its only objective.  Many of the events organised by the PSA provide an opportunity for staff, parents and children to meet socially, for example the fireworks party and the Christmas Fair are notable village events.

All parents are encouraged to participate in any way they can.

Contacts are:

Tamlyn Barber

Sarah Fenton

Joint chairs of the PSA 


This year the PSA is supporting the school through:

  • Replacing IT equipment
  • Revamping the library


The Firework display event 2019 raised £1306.46