Early Years Centre (Robins & Wrens)

Welcome to the Early Years Centre! We are a mixed class of both Nursery and Reception children. We pride ourselves in working in this unique way and find it to be of huge benefit for the children we teach. We know that children learn best through play when following their own interests and as such our topics are influenced by children’s motivations and curiosity. We provide a stimulating and creative environment, both indoors and outdoors, combined with adult-directed activities that allow children to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. We aim to inspire every child; preparing them to be lifelong learners, as well as individually challenging them so they can be the best they can be in all areas of their learning and development. The early years is all about practical, fun learning and we have plenty of it!
In the Early Years Centre, we have been learning about the seasons. We looked at trees in each of the four seasons and created some beautiful art work. We also wrote about the changes that take place during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Robins have been learning about storms. We watched a video of a storm and listened for the different sounds we could hear. We then listened to a choir perform a ‘storm’ using body percussion. We had a go at doing it ourselves.