Curriculum Aims

We value each child as a unique individual and our core aim is to support all of our pupils to shine brightly in their own way.  This means:  we are respectful of pupils’ individual learning styles; we allow pupils to work at their own pace; and we value strong parent and community partnerships.

We are proud of the strength of our caring and inclusive nature and, through our strong Christian values and ethos, we promote a compassionate, respectful and peaceful learning environment where every member of staff knows every child, children actively help each other and the needs of each child are carefully nurtured.

We currently use the National Curriculum (available here) as our core framework and, as part of our ongoing school development plans, adapt this so it is values-led and unique to our school.  As such, the topics and units we teach using this framework are led by and linked to our school values of:  Compassion, Reverence & Respect, Hope, Peace, Forgiveness, Thankfulness and Endurance.  Each taught session, we introduce which value the content is linked to and, in the coming years, will be adapting our curriculum further so that is more and more led by these values in this way.  Please see our current long term plans and curriculum maps (available below) for specific information as to this coverage.

Most recently we have begun to work with our Foundation Governors to link an animal to each of our values to support younger children with their understanding of them.  Please see below for our 'Christian Values - Shared Understanding' document which outlines which animals we have chosen, the rationale behind each one how it links to Citizenship, our British Values and the SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) aspects of our curriculum.


Core Subject Coverage

English (Phonics/Reading & Writing), mathematics and science are our 'core subjects' and coverage for each is as follows:

English (Phonics) - We teach synthetic phonics and use the Letters and Sounds phases framework to structure this (

English (Reading & Writing) - We follow the National Curriculum (available here) and we are currently constructing a long term map which shows how we structure this coverage.  This is a work in progress currently and a preview is available in the links below.

Mathematics - We follow the National Curriculum (available here) and use the White Rose Maths materials to structure this content (  See the links below for further information as to this coverage.

Science - We follow the National Curriculum (available here). Please see the Curriculum Maps for each class below for further info.



Please note:  As part of our current school development work we actively moving toward a values-led curriculum.  As such, we are now linking all core lessons to our school values.   You will notice in all classrooms a 'Shine Brightly' display showcasing these values to the children and we make a concerted effort to reference these values as part of the introduction of each lesson.  We look forward to developing this further in the coming year.