Curriculum Aims

At Swaffham Bulbeck Church of England Primary school, we value each child as a unique individual, supporting them as they grow into their own personalities and helping them to work with their own style of learning at their own pace. We have built a caring inclusive school community based on a strong Christian ethos, where every member of staff knows every child, children actively help each other and the needs of each child are carefully nurtured.

When developing our new school curriculum for 2014, we ensured that it reflects the school’s foundation as a church school, and designed it with the following key goals:

Developing children’s personalities:

  • Enabling and equipping all children to reach their potential and to have high aspirations for themselves
  • Building self esteem to enable children to become confident, independent, creative and resilient individuals
  • Encouraging children to become morally responsible, so that they learn to make positive choices and make a positive contribution to society

Encouraging individual learners:

  • Promoting a love of learning through a flexible child-led curriculum
  • Helping children to become effective and self-motivated learners and active navigators of their own learning journeys
  • Equipping each child with the key knowledge, skills and understanding which provide the essential foundations for a rewarding life
  • Encouraging the children to stay safe, be healthy, and to be environmentally aware
  • Ensuring that all children are well-prepared for their next stage of learning

Building our school community:

  • Developing the skills to work with others – sharing, supporting and learning
  • Working within school, with parents and with our wider community to form partnerships for collaborative learning and enterprise
  • Developing spiritual, emotional, social and cultural awareness, based on Christian values, while inclusively welcoming children of all backgrounds