Christian Values

Thankfulness: I am lucky. I have got two sisters. They are called Kira and Madison. I am thankful I have got sisters to play with at home. Ryan, Year 2
Reverence: I think about the cross and all it means when I’m in church. Max, Year 5
Hope: I hope that everyone in the world has enough to eat and clean water to drink. Cassia, Year 3
Compassion: I help look after my sister, Jessie, when she’s poorly. Erin, Year 1
Endurance: I bike to school. It is not very nice when it is raining or cold. I just keep going. I think this is what endurance means for me. Emiko, Year 4
Forgiveness: When I argue with Fern I make it right by saying I’m sorry. Kerensa, Year R
Peace: I feel peaceful in my bedroom. I can look out at the birdfeeders through my window and watch the birds. Jack, Year 4